Sleep Apnea Treatment in
Schertz, Texas

Sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans a year according to the National Sleep Foundation. This condition not only prevents people from being well-rested, but it is also potentially dangerous. At Randolph Family Dental, we provide oral appliances that can help you get the healthy sleep you need.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Schertz

Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in your throat become overly relaxed. This causes a blockage in your airways and makes it difficult to breathe normally. The common signs are an excessively loud snore and momentary pauses in breathing while sleeping. In order to combat this, your body will subtly wake itself up to engage the relaxed muscles so you can breathe again. This prevents you from reaching the deep level of sleep you need to be well-rested and can lead to other problems like exhaustion, high blood pressure, heart problems, and even issues like diabetes, metabolic issues, and liver damage.

While there are invasive methods like surgery, there are also safe, effective and conservative options to try like oral appliances. Oral appliances are custom-fit to adjust your jaw’s positioning, promoting more open airways so you can breathe easier while you sleep. It is a comfortable device to wear to sleep, and once you realize how rested you feel, you’ll never want to sleep without it!

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Review from Shannon Brown
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Five stars

Shannon Brown

Every time I get my exam and cleaning I'm reminded how great this office treats the clients. A complete review of my health and explaining what they are doing the entire time.
Review from Conrad Myers
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Five stars

Conrad Myers

As usual, l had another fantastic experience at Randolph Family Dental today. The Dentist and her staff are remarkable. They do great work. l am extremely satisfied. Thanks guys!
Review from Regina Reyes
Five stars

Regina Reyes

Thank you so much to Dr. Vardeman & team!! I was recently seen for my wisdom teeth removal & I was extremely nervous of being put under, but they are very reassuring & they will always make sure you are comfortable. I'd like to add that they are always very accommodating here as well, between a fulltime job, school, my family at home, and other appointments I have going on, they are always able to work with my busy schedule. Thank you for being amazing!
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