Regular Checkups in
Schertz, Texas

We recommend our patients visit our dental office at least twice a year to maintain their oral health. At Randolph Family Dental, we’ll give you a thorough dental checkup: a full examination, a professional cleaning, X-rays when necessary, and an oral cancer screening.

Regular Dental Checkup in Schertz

Maintaining your oral health goes beyond your normal routine of brushing at least twice a day and flossing. Some issues may arise over time - not only in the teeth but potentially in the gums, mouth and jaw. The best way to treat cavities, gum disease and cancer is to identify them as early as possible. When you come in for a routine checkup at our dental office in Schertz, we’ll carefully check your teeth, gums, mouth, tongue and jaw.

Full Examination

A full examination of your mouth, gums and teeth comes first from your dentist. We’ll inspect your teeth and gums for easy-to-miss things like bacteria, plaque, cavities or gum disease. This will help our dentists provide you with the right treatment plan going forward.

Professional Cleaning

Next, we’ll perform a professional cleaning. Think of this as a deeper cleaning that will provide you with more benefits than you would receive from a normal brushing. We’ll use special dental tools to scrape away any buildup of bacteria or plaque on the teeth or in the gums, and we’ll make sure we get those hard-to-reach spots. After that’s done, we’ll polish and floss your teeth. Your smile will be cleaner and whiter than it was when you walked in.


With the images we get from X-rays, we’ll get a deeper and more detailed look at what’s going on in your mouth. This will confirm anything our dentists find in the full examination, or help us make sure we catch anything that might be harder to see with the naked eye.

Oral Cancer Screening

When it comes to cancer, the earlier you detect it, the better. Our dentists know what to look for in terms of early signs and symptoms. They’ll inspect your face, mouth, tongue, gums and throat for any signs of cancerous tissue.

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Review from Shannon Brown
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Five stars

Shannon Brown

Every time I get my exam and cleaning I'm reminded how great this office treats the clients. A complete review of my health and explaining what they are doing the entire time.
Review from Conrad Myers
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Five stars

Conrad Myers

As usual, l had another fantastic experience at Randolph Family Dental today. The Dentist and her staff are remarkable. They do great work. l am extremely satisfied. Thanks guys!
Review from Regina Reyes
Five stars

Regina Reyes

Thank you so much to Dr. Vardeman & team!! I was recently seen for my wisdom teeth removal & I was extremely nervous of being put under, but they are very reassuring & they will always make sure you are comfortable. I'd like to add that they are always very accommodating here as well, between a fulltime job, school, my family at home, and other appointments I have going on, they are always able to work with my busy schedule. Thank you for being amazing!
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Dr. Vardeman is involved in a Surgical Cleft Lip and Palate Medical Mission in the Philippines.

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